Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Workers unpaid, firm under liquidation

Workers unpaid, firm below liquidation

The workers came from camps in Ghala and Jiffnain.

Speaking on behalf of the employees, a welfare officer of the organization stated, the staff have not been paid for almost seven months. “Workers gathered at the head office to file their complaints again with the Ministry of Manpower officials. They had filed online complaints before,” the official stated.

“Wages and other formalities of the staff need to be cleared before they are sent back home. Earlier, there was an urgent help required in terms of food but for how long can we keep asking for help. We do not know where to run for help. The company is telling us the matter is in liquidators’ hands.”

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, an official of the organization which is handling the liquidation method stated, “We have asked the workers to be patient.”

A senior official told Muscat Daily
, “There were some issues about food shortage but all is under control now. Some people have come forward to help and no one is going hungry. We are just waiting for what the company owners and liquidators decide. The project sites are mostly closed now because of liquidation.”

As far as salaries and repatriation of the workers are concerned, he stated only the organization owners can aid. “A total of 450 people are affected with 350 in Muscat and 100 in other parts of Oman.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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