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Women urged to participate in Shura elections in a big way

Women urged to participate in Shura elections in a big way

H E Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al Busaidi, Minister of Interior, has urged a lot more females to compete and vote in subsequent month’s Majlis A’Shura elections.
In an interview to Shurufat al Majlis published by the State Council, H E Sayyid Hamoud mentioned that statistics show that there is a steady improve in the quantity of citizens registering in the electoral register and voting in the course of the previous terms. “This reflects the growing desire among citizens to exercise voting rights and take responsibility in the progress march,” he mentioned.

He mentioned that females can win a lot more seats via exerting efforts and gaining the self-confidence of voters. “Women know that their participation is important because they represent half of the society. They have the same duties like men towards their country and society. Therefore, we urge women to participate in the forthcoming elections and exercise their right to run for the elections and vote to elect their representatives in the Majlis.”

H E Sayyid Hamoud added that in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Statute of the State, Omani females are treated on par with guys with regard to the possibilities and public rights and duties.

In accordance with Article 58 of this Statute and the provisions of the Elections Law of Majlis A’Shura members, the correct to run for elections is granted to guys and females equally as per the set situations. “Women are exerting a lot more efforts to prove their presence in Majlis A’Shura via the ballot boxes. The neighborhood as a entire requirements a lot more awareness to encourage females to take the initiative to run for the elections and win the self-confidence of voters.

“As for the reservation of seats for females in each and every governorate (Quota System), this thought is not constant with the equality and fair possibilities among citizens, guys and females, as offered by the Basic Statute of the State.

“Women have the full right to run for elections and vote as men; there are no restrictions on their exercise of this right,” H E Sayyid Hamoud mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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