Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Windows 10 glitch shuts consumers out

Windows 10 glitch shuts consumers out

The well-liked and most-utilized Internet browser frequently crashes and does not open with Windows 10. The difficulty has been persistent for sometime and even though there are numerous DIY (do it oneself) treatments accessible on the Internet, several a time Chrome fails to meet the expectations. As a answer, several folks opt for other browsers.

Aslam P Khan, a designer and a user, stated, “My new Adobe software needed updates and required the use of Windows 10, and hence I installed it on my desktop today. I always have all five browsers on my desktop. After installing Windows 10, I clicked on each browser to check. All the browsers worked except Google Chrome. The Chrome window stays blank. It also slows down my system and applications as well.”

Mohammad Kaleem, a personal computer dealer, stated, “I have customers who come up to me with the issue frequently. Sometimes, the laptops are brand new. Windows 10 is excellent owing to its workflow but there are some problems. One of these is crashing of Google Chrome, which happens to be the web browser of choice for most computer users around the world. Post update, you may not be able to use Chrome to browse the Internet and visit the sites which you most often go to, or even download apps.”

He added that the easiest point to do is to troubleshoot and restart the method with updates. The problem has certainly forced several folks to shift to other browsers. The favourite ones are Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Tariq al Barwani, an IT specialist, stated, “Chrome is not an MS (Microsoft) browser and history is repeating itself. MS did the identical point when folks utilized other browsers other than its really personal Netscape way back in the 1990s.

“I believe this has some thing to do with corporate competitions as effectively as MS desires folks to use their really personal inbuilt Internet Explorer.

“Using Explorer also helps the company to see the people’s choices of content and data consumption which helps them for their future R&D (research and development). I recommend using Firefox.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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