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Where can we enjoy barbecuing, ask beachgoers

Where can we appreciate barbecuing, ask beachgoers

Many who want to have a great time particularly in this pleasant climate are asking yourself exactly where to barbecue, saying authorities require to mark areas designated for grilling.

According to an order (No 31/2019) issued by H E Mohsin bin Mohammed al Sheikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, it is prohibited to grill or light an open fire in parks, public beaches and green places except for areas designated for such purposes. “Those who break this municipal order will have to pay an administrative fine of RO100, and must remove the items.”

There have been numerous comments from the public as effectively as social media customers about the selection. Omar Abdullah, who meets up with his loved ones and buddies each and every month to barbecue, mentioned, “I know about the decision but the big question now is ‘Where can we enjoy mishkak in Muscat now? We are not allowed to enjoy barbecuing at all beaches but it’s not possible to go out of Muscat every time for this. There should be some designated areas for barbecuing.”

Hassan al Naamani, yet another Omani mentioned, “After a long week of work, families and friends gather in any of the beaches in Muscat to spend some quality time together. We play football, swim and barbecue. The government should encourage social life by designating areas for barbecuing.”

Muscat Daily
 Facebook web page and Twitter account have been abuzz with comments more than the matter.

“We used to go to a beach for barbecuing. Now, few months it is illegal to do so,” Asad H wrote.

Mahamudul Hasan commented, “What are the designated areas…maybe they should mention that too. Nowhere in public beaches and other places it’s mentioned barbecuing not allowed or the public places that allow. I support the decision of not allowing barbecuing everywhere. But they should also list the places approved and disapproved.”

Another user Priscilla Moodley commented that this is a really great move and individuals ought to also be fined for littering and spitting in public.

@boho tweeted, “This is a good move. Sur beach And desert bidiyah is so dirty due to this!!”

Speaking to Muscat Daily, an official from Muscat Municipality mentioned this will make certain that guests to parks and beaches and residential neighbourhoods close to such web sites are not disturbed. “Apart from ban on barbecuing on green areas, it is also banned to do on sand at public beaches.”

He advised individuals to bring prepared meals to appreciate at the beaches as an alternative or discover an open wadi anyplace in the city to appreciate barbecuing. “Those who wish to do barbecuing may find a suitable place in open wadis. Otherwise, they should bring ready food to the beach to enjoy.”

The municipality has referred to as on individuals going to beaches to adhere to the cleanliness of these web sites. The selection was issued on January 22 and comes into impact 30 days from the problem date.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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