Friday, 31 Mar 2023
WhatsApp profile photos cannot be stolen now

WhatsApp profile photos cannot be stolen now

Earlier, show photos could be downloaded as nicely as shared, but now that choice has been barred by the US tech giant Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp.

Speaking about the security concern, Prabhakar B, an IT and options specialist, mentioned, “We, tech developers, welcome this move by the company. This will not only protect the privacy of users but also put an end to dishonest acts of some people who make use of profile pictures for their personal interests. There are people who can photoshop images and use them for antisocial activities.”

A current accusation of WhatsApp customers was that folks have been taking and sharing pictures with out their understanding and making use of them for the look-transforming application, FaceApp. People changed the age as nicely as gender and uploaded the photos that usually annoyed the actual owners of the photos.

Dayanand Naik, a cybersecurity specialist, mentioned, “Sometimes fun can cross the limits. A person is not even aware that his picture is used and widely circulated. This is against the person’s privacy. As the pictures were not password-protected they were easily circulated. Of course, people can always take screenshots but their resolution is bad.”

On security requirements, social media platforms and tech businesses are coming up with a lot more updates. Among numerous, Apple has a touch ID for screen-lock program below Privacy which enables 1 to lock the window even when the mobile is open.

Other functions on WhatsApp are Dark Mode, ranking of contacts, share status in Facebook, and offline mode, which assists to queue and set instances for messages to be sent.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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