Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Welfare centre adds colour to the life of children, hosts iftar

Welfare centre adds colour to the life of children, hosts iftar

The centre requires pride in teaching its youngsters the art of photography and living in a family members atmosphere. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ahmed al Hosani, head of Sawarah Photography Group, stated, “Sawarah Group was founded in October 2015. It aims to work for children’s welfare and their rehabilitation and training them to win international titles in photography. The group aims to have photographers who can participate in exhibitions, and represent the sultanate in international forums.”

The group earlier this year won the World Cup of Photography held in Germany. Hosani added, “The Lamaa initiative was started in 2018. The initiative aims at creating a family atmosphere among the children of the welfare centre in Al Khoudh. It also teaches them cooperation and to love each other.”

Each family members in the centre consists of 5 youngsters. “Each family prepares a meal for iftar. Each year we make the iftar a little interesting. This year the name Lamaa was formed by placing plastic crates (boxes) in the shape of Arabic letters.”

On the team’s future operates, he stated, “We will continue to organise such events to help these children. To get in touch with us visit our website Sawarah_oman. Twitter and Instagram users can follow us on @Sawarah Oman.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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