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Visitors throng beautiful Dhofar sites during Eid al Adha

Visitors throng beautiful Dhofar sites during Eid al Adha

The governorate is recognized for its diverse culture and nearby conventional meals like Qabooli, Al Midhbi, Al Maghmi, Al Majeen, Al Asedah, Harees and Al Qassabiyah.

Tourists are also attracted to its different agricultural goods such as coconut, bananas and sugarcane. It is also recognized for its conventional markets or souqs such as Souq al Hisn (Al Haffa).

Marwan bin Abdulhakeem al Ghassani, director of Tourism Promotions at the Directorate General of Tourism in Dhofar governorate, stated that the Ministry of Tourism has created extraordinary efforts to make sure that vacationers when they visited the governorate enjoyed it.

With a quantity of activities, the directorate basic attempted to bring a smile on the faces of the vacationers who stayed there during Eid al Adha. All these activities had been crucial from cultural, social and entertainment point of view and added much more attractions to the organic beauty of the governorate.

Ghassani stated, “Dhofar governorate is the preferred location for vacationers during the Eid al Adha holidays. This is since of its wealthy tourist and cultural components.

“The directorate basic organised a quantity of activities with the Omani Women’s Association in Taqah and in cooperation with the workplace of the governor of the wilayat and help of Muscat Overseas Group of Companies. They integrated different beach contests, folk dances, exhibition of industries and handicrafts and fine arts show.

“These activities enhanced tourism and commercial movement. There was also focus on tourist and archaeological landmarks.”

Dhofar has several conventional markets recognized as souqs, prominent amongst them is Souq al Hisn or Al Haffa which is a main tourist and financial landmark. It is well-known for the sale of frankincense, incense and different conventional textiles and clothing, such as conventional and contemporary jewellery. There are several shops promoting conventional Omani caps or turbans locally known as mussar.

Mohammed bin Ibrahim, a Bangladeshi national, stated, “For five years, I have been selling coconuts and bananas. Tourists come here to drink sugarcane juice as it is one of the crops for which Dhofar is known for. “We also cut fresh bananas and pack them for customers.”

There are several tiny shops by the roadsides. The road which goes to Iteen plains has several restaurants and shops as well.

Shops supplying Al Madhibi are also fairly well-known on this stretch. Al Madhibi has its personal style of grilling on pebbles or stones, stated Nasser bin Salem al Mamari, the owner of a restaurant that specialises in it.

The demand for hospitality properties in Dhofar governorate also improved during the Eid al Adha holidays.

Similarly, the price of occupancy in hotel establishments and rest homes also rose along with industrial activities in malls and retail markets due to the influx of vacationers. The khareef season in Dhofar is from June 21 to September 21.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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