Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Vehicle gets an arm to help disabled drive around independently

Vehicle gets an arm to help disabled drive around independently

Once total, the project will help physically handicapped individuals drive around independently. The robotic arm will make sure the wheelchair is handled with ease without having causing any inconvenience to the user.

Aiman Mohammed al Zakwani, told Muscat Daily, that he has been functioning on the thought because 2017. “My project focuses on developing a vehicle that is equipped to help people with disabilities. “The robotic arm fitted in the vehicle will help people with disabilities move their wheelchair in and out of a vehicle without anyone’s help. The arm will also be able to move the wheelchair into a parking lot,” he mentioned.

The prototype, Zakwani mentioned is undoubtedly smaller sized. “The final product will be a bigger one which will help the disabled person get inside the car and start driving without bothering to get out of the wheelchair. This system uses soft touch and computer generated commands to control the vehicle,” he mentioned.

Zakwani mentioned although researching for the project, he got a excellent deal of details in electronics and telecommunications.

“During my research on the project, I specialised in parts, circuits and learnt about connection between components, application and facilities and I am hopeful that such vehicles will be quite in demand once they hit the market,” he mentioned.

According to Zakwani, 1 per cent of the population worldwide is dependent on wheelchairs which contains the elderly and the disabled. “My vehicle will control the wheelchair through computer commands and help put wheelchairs wherever required such as in parking or at home,” he mentioned. Currently, Zakwani mentioned his project is half total and he is waiting for monetary help to create it additional.

“The idea and basic structure is ready but I am looking for financial support to make my project a reality. Once complete, the project will help many disabled people. The unique point of my project is that the disabled can be in their wheelchair and everything will be controlled electronically when driving.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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