Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Vegetable prices surged by over 7% in January

Vegetable costs surged by more than 7% in January

The improve is getting attributed to economic losses suffered by farmers final year and value rise in Gulf and Arab markets.

Saed al Kharusi, chairman of the Board of Omani Agriculture Association stated, “Many farmers did not cultivate large areas of land due to financial losses. This has affected the supply of many agricultural products. Price of agricultural products in the Gulf and other Arab markets such as Jordan too has increased.”

Kharusi stated that farmers get the lowest percentage of earnings. The farmers’ circumstance also has an influence on the customer marketplace. “All studies confirm that trade brokers take 75 per cent of the profits of agricultural products but farmers get the lowest percentage of these profits.”

So, it is crucial to shield the interest of the farmers, stated Kharusi. “This will help boost Oman’s agricultural produce and also help decrease prices.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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