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Users worry: Will FaceApp lose face over privacy concern?

Users worry: Will FaceApp lose face over privacy concern?

The application initial went viral in 2017. The photo-editing app that once more went viral not too long ago (comparable to Prisma and Talking Toms a couple of years back) as folks flocked to its ageing function. Aged pictures of celebrities spread on social media, and it became the best free of charge app in App Store and Play Store.

Speaking about the enjoyable aspect, Shakeer al Balushi, an actor who posts videos on social media platforms, mentioned, “There have been several age altering apps in the past and I have used many of them. I have used them for fun and as reference for my character roles. Ageing lines and grey hair that these apps make are good references for make-up. But this new one is quite different. It is quite close when it comes to giving you that ageing look.”

Another user Salama as well seemed kicked about the way the app provides a single the opportunity to appear into the future. “I use FaceApp just for fun. I don’t know if FaceApp actually deletes photos, but it is true that with the app we may be giving the company access to our photos. Unlike Google or Facebook, FaceApp probably isn’t trusted because it is Russia-based and many are prejudiced against Russia.”

Many speculate that the well-known app is storing information for ads.

Tariq al Barwani, an IT specialist, mentioned, “The potential privacy issue people have taken note of is that the company’s privacy policy includes using people’s usernames, names, and likeness for commercial purposes. However, I feel this app is just like any other app and it too shall loose its charm with time. FaceApp might not have a major privacy concern, but as with any other app, there are always trade-offs. If you want to see what you could look like at 80, you have to provide your photo and other details. I strongly recommend people to delete the app at the earliest.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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