Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Updating WhatsApp status, earning moolah

Updating WhatsApp status, earning moolah

WhatsApp status is now becoming important to increase one’s enterprise activity.

Getting a notification anytime there is an update has led to several WhatsApp customers monetising 1 of the world’s extensively utilized social media platfrom.

WhatsApp customers about the globe are making use of their ‘status’ as a way to marketplace their goods without having spending something. “I am 1 of these who has immensely benefited from the WhatsApp status update function. I do not have a shop. I do not perform. I am often at residence taking care of my youngsters but getting a fantastic time performing enterprise from residence promoting handful of products on a commission basis.

“When I get something new, I just update it on my status including the cost of the product and that is when people contact me. The only trick is that you need to have as many contacts as possible to reach a wider audience,” Yusra al Habsi, a housewife in Seeb, mentioned. Asilah al Naamani, a resident of Ansab mentioned that WhatsApp has come as a boon for ladies performing enterprise from residence. “I strongly think that getting a WhatsApp user is extremely advantageous to me. The owners of the application make their funds and I also make mine at residence. All I require is to have mobile information and that is it.

“I buy products especially ladies’ stuff, and I advertise them through my status. It doesn’t cost me anything yet benefits are many. As soon as I update my status, many contact me and give orders. As long as what you are advertising looks nice and attractive, you will get buyers.”

On the other hand, status update has not only helped customers keen to sell goods but purchasers as well. “Sometimes, you desperately need to buy something but being in a 8am to 5pm job has its own hassles. This is where WhatsApp is a boon for people like me. I check the status of many home entrepreneurs and get what I am looking for. It saves me time and at most times even delivery services are available. So it is a great idea,” Nasimah al Harthy, a bank employee, mentioned.

Another resident, Mohsin al Musalmy from Amerat mentioned that even though he is employed, extra earnings is needed to sustain higher price of living.

Musalmy sells utilized automobiles to make added funds.

“I don’t have a car of my own so what I do is buy and sell at the same time. I have many contacts in my phone. I keep updating my status. The status is what helps me to advertise the cars since I cannot afford to advertise elsewhere like print media.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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