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Unique culinary, cultural experiences of Jordan

Unique culinary, cultural experiences of Jordan

The Abadi family members feels Oman is the most pleasant spot to remain with the most spiritual and peaceful atmosphere to practise one’s beliefs. “The emotions and practices of Ramadan remain the same wherever one goes but in Oman one can feel the spirituality is more intense.”

His brother-in-law Jiyad Afan feels it is the cosmopolitan nature of Oman that tends to make it endearing, “It is the people of different nationalities that make the country more vibrant, tolerant and exciting.”

The Abadi family members constitutes about 20 members. Food like for most nationalities is a binding element for this Jordanian family members as well. Jordanians take pride in their special meals things that are a vibrant mix of bedouin flavours and neighborhood requires and they favor consuming in groups. The family members has remained correct to their culinary traditions specifically when it comes to Ramadan.

Mansaf is the primary dish on most unique occasions – a mixture of rice, milk, nuts, spices and chicken, each and every family members has a variant of its personal. “Mansaf is a staple in our region. It features on every occasion be it weddings, Eid, any happy or sad event. It is a traditional dish but one can experiment with the spices and meat of one’s choice.”

Almost everyone’s favourite is the mediterranean appetiser waraq enab (grape leaves stuffed with mutton). It is served along with laban and tamar hind (tamarind) juice to soothe the stomach right after hours of fasting.

Another special-seeking but an elaborate dish is the musakhan (bread with chicken decorated with onion and spices. A need to attempt is also the mulukhia (soup and rice) which each the Jordanians and Palestinians take credit for.

Desserts such as the khunafa, baklawa, umm ali, asafir and gataif assist the iftar finish on a sweet note.

Abadi’s wife Raedah Yousuf says cooking is enjoyable when you have such a large family members, “It takes two to three hours to prepare everything. My husband is from Jordan and my roots are from Palestine and so our food tastes similar.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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