Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
UK firm to manage solar PV on 250,000 rooftops in Oman

UK firm to handle solar PV on 250,000 rooftops in Oman

AER will use the PassivPro platform to handle up to 250,000 residential solar PV assets, from pre-installation by means of commissioning, operation, remote monitoring and upkeep. The organization will localise the platform to maximise yield, streamline help and decrease operational expenses.

Qais Saud al Zakwani, executive director at the authority mentioned, “PassivSystems technology demonstrates clear benefits against its competitors’ by providing a platform that manages the full lifecycle of the solar PV assets. Its system collects daily generation data to help ensure we optimise yield and also allows us to track and manage workflows, including approvals, asset serial numbers and documentation – essential information that we need to track in order to efficiently manage a programme of this size and scale.”

The contract will see PassivSystems localise its platform to suit common environmental operating circumstances discovered in Oman. This will contain offering help for the use of additional sensors to analyse the effect of intense heat on output. Sensors will also be installed to detect localised develop up of debris on the panels as combinations of sand, higher winds and early morning moisture can swiftly lead to encrusted deposits.

If left uncleaned, these deposits will severely degrade efficiency. By integrating information from a network of physical sensors into the platform, PassivSystems will accurately forecast how yield adjustments with temperature and alert home owners or upkeep teams to carry out targeted cleaning of panels as and when needed. The Sahim initiative – which implies ‘contribute’ in Arabic – will supply a sustainable and inexpensive supply of low-carbon power.

Colin Calder, chief executive, PassivSystems mentioned, “We have collected over a terabyte of data from tens of thousands of rooftops in the UK and proven the scalability of our platform.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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