Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
UK-based smartphone iBrit launched

UK-based smartphone iBrit launched

Speaking about the telephone, Aditya Narang, CEO of Belltel, the distributor and service centre for the phones in Oman stated, “This is a soft launch of the noted UK-based mobile phones and we shall have a gala event in July. Today, we are introducing the phone to some 100 retailers around the country. The phone is available in all outlets including Carrefour.”

He added that the phones are accessible in 20 nations globally which includes India and the Gulf. “Each of these countries will also have an individual service centre. In India we have 360 such centres.”

Swithin D’Silva, COO of iBrit stated, “One will get the very best of the camera and Internet speed amongst other solutions from our smartphones at a really affordable value. It is developed in the UK, manufactured in China and the R&ampD centre is in India.

“We are aware that there are other established players in the market but our mobile phones with the advanced technologies will also make a smart move in the industry and this we call democratisation of technology. We are also coming out with special cameras that are designated for military and government agencies.”

He added that these phones are sturdy with fancy styles, quick RAM, each higher-finish back and front camera and with a higher secured technologies. “There are also regular updates once every month in every region.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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