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Trekking season is here: It’s a good time to encounter nature

Trekking season is here: It’s a good time to encounter nature

According to MoT, trekking season runs from September to May, but the greatest time for hiking is in between October and April.

‘Despite the rough terrain, hiking remains the best way to enjoy the sultanate’s great mountainous nature. You can make various excursions of varying degrees of difficulty from wandering about Muttrah, to walking more than the groove edges of Jebel Shams,’ MoT stated. There are several tour operators in the capital as effectively as person groups that can assist determine the routes. One such group is Adventure Oman that conducts trekking each and every Saturday.

“Trekking is the best way to explore and enjoy Oman’s natural beauty, and we at Adventure Oman do such events that are posted on our Facebook page with full details of trail, meeting point, time, mandatory gear for anyone to join in,” Arun D’souza, the group’s captain, told Muscat Daily.

While trekking, D’souza mentioned, “We take utmost care as far as safety of participants is concerned. We carry emergency medical kits, communication devices such as satellite phones, tracking devices, GPS markers, etc. Usually our treks are concentrated close to Muscat area. We start our treks as early as 5.30am and conclude by 9.30am,” he mentioned.

“Full day treks are conducted over Hajar Mountains which lasts for 8 to 12 hours. We have our own routes which are marked in GPS. For safety of participants we grade our treks based on the difficulty level of the terrain; grading can be of Open to All/family trek, Grade 1 – short treks up to 5km, Grade 2 – longer up to 10km, 3 Advance Treks for well-experienced,” he added.

In common, grade a single trekking trails constitute shorter tracks that are much more appropriate for very first-timers. “Trekking is a big way to see Oman’s beauty and because of Oman being safe, any one including women and girls can go for trekking,” mentioned Dia Ghai, a homemaker who is an avid trekker.

Even although MoT has marked a number of trekking trails, typical trekkers say several other people want to be marked. “Many routes are marked but there are so many others that need to be marked. I have gone trekking with Adventure Oman group but because they know the routes, we managed but there are no markings,” Dia mentioned.

Most of the treks inside the city are grade a single and can be completed in much less than two hours. While the well-liked Muttrah Geo Trek is the most effectively-marked of all, there are comparable zones for trekking in other areas such as Hamriya, Wadi Kabir, Bandar Jissah and Al Khoudh.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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