Friday, 31 Mar 2023
TRC working on strategic programme for food safety

TRC working on strategic programme for food safety

Dr Jamilla bint al Hinai, director of the National Strategy for Research and Development (NSRD) 2020-40, stated, “We are working on a strategic programme for food safety and quality. It has been approved by the TRC board and now we are in the process of calling for proposals for research and innovative ideas.”

Dr Jamilla was speaking at the Second Workshop Programme of NSRD 2020-2040 that was held at Grand Millenium Muscat on Tuesday. She was component of the delegation that participated in the occasion.

She added, “TRC is not funding individual research anymore. We are financing a cluster of projects. So it will be multi-stakeholders with multi-dimension. We are trying to minimise cost and also make use of all the resources.”

The Second Workshop Program of the National Strategy for Research and Development 2020-40 was presided more than by Dr Hilal al Hinai, secretary basic, TRC, amongst other people.

Regarding NSRD, Dr Jamilla stated, “We are following a participatory approach in which it is not the project team which is doing all the work. We are trying to attract people from outside TRC so as to enrich the national participation in this project. We are gaining a lot of insights from people. The participants can discuss enhancing the role of research and development and suggest solutions at the workshop.”

She also stated that they had been attempting to attain individuals and raise awareness concerning the technique.

“A stakeholder recommended coming up with a slogan summarising the objective. So we invited people to participate and received 107 slogans. After primary and secondary evaluation, the winning slogan was chosen which focused on knowledge empowerment contribution.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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