Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Towed away: Campaign targets Seeb

Towed away: Campaign targets Seeb

It mentioned that campaign began in north Ma’abela in coordination with the ROP. “The move is part of a campaign initiated by us to ensure that public areas are free of vehicles unattended for long periods.”

A Muscat Municipality official has mentioned that abandoning autos for lengthy periods violates the provisions of administrative selection no 171/2018.

The selection stated that any automobile identified ‘discarded’ for 14 days from the date of sticking of notice on it will be deemed abandoned.

Vehicle owners will be fined RO5 every day of delay in responding right after the problem of notice. As per the new regulation, owners must not abandon or leave their autos in public areas. “We will stick notices on such vehicles. We will coordinate with the ROP to check on reports filed against the vehicle.”

The gazette notification says the municipality has the correct to tow away the automobile at the owner’s expense 14 days right after the problem of notice. “We will not bear any responsibility for the cost of transportation or damage caused while towing,” the municipality mentioned.

The fines are as follows: RO200 for vehicles, 15-seater autos and motorbikes RO400 for trucks, 50-seater buses and trailers, tractors and other gear.

The municipality will coordinate with the ROP to auction the autos if there is no response or if dues are not paid inside 90 days of withdrawal from public places.

Also, Muscat Municipality has mentioned that a fine of RO1,000 will be imposed on autos (other than the designated ones) transporting hazardous components .

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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