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Tour of Oman: Did you know?

Tour of Oman: Did you know?

Cyclists attain up to 100 km/per hr down hill. Average 40-50 km/per hr on the flat and typical 28-30 km/per hour up hill.

Cyclist Number: 
Each team will have a minimum of 5 cyclists and a maximum of eight.

The Tour will see 4 various colour jerseys presented every day.

Red – Overall person Ranking (ie quickest time)

Green – Overall points ranking

White – Best young cyclist ranking (only riders born on or right after 1st January 1987)


Each stage is very tactical. A team will attempt and ride with each other with the objective of guarding their best cyclist from the wind and guaranteeing no other team manages to let their riders break away from the principal pack.

Most stages will finish with a sprint to the line, so guaranteeing that the best sprinter is fresh adequate for the final push of the day. Knowing when to try to break away from the pack is consequently important and every rider will have to maintain concentrating till the finish line.


The bikes have 22 gears. Two plates in front and 11 in the back. Similar to a vehicle, the cyclists move via the gears based on whether or not they are going uphill, downhill or are on the flat.

Most, if not all the bicycles employed on the Tour of Oman, will be created of carbon and will weigh about 7kg. Commonly recognized as road bikes, these bicycles have to meet a number of criteria: straightforward to manage, as the rider need to be in a position to “brush” in the peloton (term for the principal pack of cyclists in a race) to the nearest centimetre light so as to facilitate the numerous climbs rigid, so as to attain 100 km/h on steep descents dependable and powerful in order to cope with the rush of the sprinters for the finish line.

Support Crew

Behind the scenes will be a help crew whose job is do what ever is necessary in order to permit the riders to keep totally focused on their efficiency. Especially right after lengthy stages, the circumstances have to be spot on to make certain their suffering stops the moment they leave the saddle. The management of recovery, the upkeep of their gear, their diet program, and the top quality of the remedy they obtain are all places that require to be meticulously overseen by the logistics managers.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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