Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Toshiba lifestyle devices launched

Toshiba life-style devices launched

Bahwan Electronics, flagship organization of Suhail Bahwan Group, unveiled the most recent variety of washing machines, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwave ovens, air purifiers and fans. Elvis Wang, CEO of Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances, MEA, CIS &amp Eastern Europe stated, “Toshiba appliances has a long history of over 140 years. With new investments and energy, Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances is re-launching cutting-edge products and innovative technologies.”

He added that the new line-up of goods will add immense worth to the finish user. “All our consumers can ‘Expect More’ from Toshiba lifestyle appliances with innovative technologies that minimise time, effort and energy that consumers spend on housework.”

The front load washing machine is now powered by The Great Waves technologies. Inspired by the well-known Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa, the revolutionary technologies is created primarily based on ‘flush wave and cold wash’, which leads to higher saving and colour defending overall performance for laundry. Also, it can save up to 70 per cent power primarily based on the exact same cleaning impact.

The subsequent large news is the 4-door refrigerator with 3System, which has 3 cooling systems that perform independently to provide the correct quantity of cold air for each and every unit.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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