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Time for a staycation?

Time for a staycation?

Pink Lake

Oman has two web sites exactly where pink lakes are formed: One in Al Suwaih Beach in Jalaan Bani Bu Ali in South Sharqiyah, and the other in Al Jazir in Al Wusta governorate. According to a study, the lakes get their pink colour due to the presence of an algae known as Dunaliella salina

Jalaan Bani Bu Ali, a 300km drive from Muscat, has several tourist spots and archaeological web sites. In addition to a distinctive geographic setting, the spot is ideal for a rapid weekend getaway.



The Governorate of Dhofar is a crucial attraction for vacationers not just from the sultanate, the Gulf and Arab nations, but also from other nations, specifically from June to September each year. During the khareef season, the mountains take on a stunning green hue. The Salalah Tourism Festival, held from July 11 to August 22, is also a crucial tourist attraction. You require about 12 hours to drive down to Salalah.


Al Ashkharah

Not several folks are conscious that when monsoon envelops Dhofar, Al Ashkharah, a town in Sharqiyah and 80km from Ras al Hadd, also gets the cool and gentle breeze creating it a ideal summer season getaway. With its vast expanse of beaches, and the newly launched Atana Stay al Ashkhara, the spot is a fantastic staycation choice. The distance among Muscat and Al Ashkharah is about 230km.



Famous for its pristine white sugar dunes, the Khaluf village is close to the town of Filim, in the wilayat of Mahout in Al Wusta. The dunes stretch all the way to the coast. It is worth exploring and boasts 1 of the most stunning white sand beaches with crystal clear water, contrasting with the pure white sand. It is positioned about 450km south of Muscat.


Harat al Bilad

Harat al Bilad in the wilayat of Manah is deemed as 1 of Oman’s most well-known and oldest historical web sites. It dates back to the 5th Islamic century and was opened lately following becoming renovated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. A neighborhood Omani firm has been appointed to run the operations of the historic web site.  It is barely two hours from Muscat and about 15 minutes from Nizwa.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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