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These extreme acts are a roaring success

These intense acts are a roaring good results

An excited Christian Castillo, head of the Columbian troupe, mentioned this is the initial time his troupe is taking element in the Muscat Festival. “I am proud to say that we have received a good response. Our shows have attracted many people, both Omanis and expatriates,” he mentioned.

This team also has members from Peru. “Our team is called Xtreme Castillo and we have 18 members. A family from Peru is also part of our team. High-wire stunts attract huge crowds daily. Our fans are fantastic, everyone is happy and we do enjoy performing here,” he added. Sulaiman Saeed al Naamani, a single of several guests to the venue, could not hide his awe at what he had observed. “Whenever I come here, this is where I spend most of my time. I thoroughly enjoy the shows and I like how these artistes risk their life while performing such stunts.”

Naamani believes it is sheer courage that goes into such stunts. “They are courageous and the time here is worth it. I wonder what they eat to get such courage. Thanks to Muscat Municipality for bringing these teams to the festival. All teams are great and they have stunned everyone with their performances.”

It is not meals that brings about this courage but concentrate and tough function, mentioned Kevin Barrera, a single of the artistes performing at the festival. “Our diet is normal. We just need to focus and stay physically fit. We come here every day and perform constantly. We prepare our body and mind to perform well,” he mentioned.

The loud cheers and praises showered on the performers are a continual increase providing them a sense of fulfilment. “The shows are great and I like the fact that both young and old here are watching these shows. The loud cheers are a great boost to the performers. I also enjoy seeing how the audience gasps in awe. These shows are a must-see for all,” mentioned Amira al Abri, an additional visitor to the festival. The shows are carried out each and every day among 5pm and 11pm.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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