Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Ten projects enter OCCI Innovation Award finals

Ten projects enter OCCI Innovation Award finals

Two projects have certified from every of the 5 evaluation centres, although yet another 5 projects will qualify from the remaining two centres by Thursday – 3 from Muscat governorate centre and two from North Batinah governorate.

On Tuesday, in Dhofar governorate centre, the projects of ‘Donation’ and ‘Smart medical shirt’ reached the finals.

In Dhahirah and Buraimi governorates centre, Maymona al Zaidiya with her project on ‘The electronic palm climber’, and Salim al Kabi for his project on ‘Eco-friendly machine to produce varnish from Oman frankincense’ had been announced as the two qualifiers for the finals.

‘HELMTECH’ project by Dr Sami Mukhtar Ghoneim, and ‘Garage application’ by Reem al Aamri, had been the two projects that certified from the centre of North and South Sharqiyah governorates, although in the centre of Dakhliyah and Al Wusta governorates, Faris al Farsi and Hamed al Abri certified for their projects on ‘nano-filtration of microorganisms in urinary tract catheters with polymeric filter membrances’ and ‘smart cooling bag’ respectively.

From the centre of South Batinah, the project on ‘Design of a carpel extraction machine for dried lime’, and ‘Device for dew and fog droplet aggregation’ reached the finals.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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