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Temperature to drop a few degrees in Muscat in the coming days

Temperature to drop a few degrees in Muscat in the coming days

Muscat – 

Temperature in Oman dropped by a few degrees on Saturday supplying some respite from the heat. The maximum temperature on Saturday was recorded in Al Sininah at 45.7°C followed by Dima Wa al Taien at 45.1°C. While Buraimi skilled a maximum of 45°C, Muqshin witnessed 44.3°C and Fahud 44.2°C. 

Mercury in Muscat is anticipated to drop additional from Tuesday onwards. While the temperature on Sunday was about 48°C, progressively it will come down by a lot more than a few degrees, stated an official from Oman’s meteorological division.

The official added, “Muscat has been witnessing clouds in the morning. There are scant probabilities of rains inside the city, and on the Al Hajar Mountains.

“Tomorrow [Monday] also there will be clouds in the morning. It shall stay for sometime but shall vanish by mid-morning. However, all this will bring down the temperature.” He added that there will be easterly winds from the Arabian Sea which shall also boost the humidity by 15 per cent.

In its forecast for Monday, the Met workplace stated, “Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected along the coastal areas of Dhofar. There will be mainly clear skies over the rest of the sultanate with chances of convective clouds development and isolated rain and occasional thundershowers over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining wilayats towards afternoon. There are also chances of late night to early morning low level clouds and fog patches along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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