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‘Taxi driver, passenger can agree on fare but meter is mandatory’

‘Taxi driver, passenger can agree on fare but meter is mandatory’

All orange and white taxis in Muscat should have electronic meters installed from June 1. The ministry has mentioned that all taxi drivers in Muscat should adhere to the selection (No 195/2018) on installing electronic meters.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Eng Ahmed bin Sulaiman al Yaribi, director of Land Transport in MoTC, mentioned, “Meters in white and orange taxis are binding to safeguard the rights of drivers and passengers. But if both the parties – driver and passenger – agree on a specific fare, there is no problem.”

Marwan al Balushi, a taxi driver mentioned, “The announcement on the part of MoTC is good. It’s possible that some passengers may not be able to afford long distance fare on the basis of meter tariff. So, sharing helps everyone’s cause.”

Nasser al Hosani, yet another taxi driver, mentioned, “The decision is good. It allows the driver and the passenger to agree on fare for the trip. Otherwise, the meter option is always available.”

As per the Ministerial Decision 195/2018, “Starting June 2019, all taxis in Muscat will have meters with a base fare of 300bz. Thereon, it will be 130bz per km with minimum fare of RO1 per trip. It will begin in Muscat and then gradually implemented in other governorates. In case of multiple passengers, the fare will be divided among them. Waiting charges will be 50bz per minute with the first five minutes being free. The trip will be ‘deemed free’ if the driver refuses to turn on the meter.”

Every taxi driver will have to get an operations card worth RO15 from the ministry. “There are around 36,000 orange taxis in Oman and 20,000 in Muscat,” mentioned MoTC.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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