Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Take care of your environment

Take care of your environment

Many volunteers and partners worldwide came collectively to get rid of trash by cleaning up litter from beaches, rivers, forests, and streets on the day.

World Cleanup Day harnesses the energy to accomplish extraordinary issues collectively. The greatest point is that it builds bridges among communities, citizens, companies and governments to come collectively for this noble trigger.

Mundhir al Jabri, head of the group known as Move Green, that is active in organising cleaning campaigns, mentioned, World Cleanup Day is so considerable and it is a reminder to care for our environment.

“To mark World Cleanup Day, our group organised a road trip to Mussanah where we met for cleaning up and at the same time created more awareness among people. Our group comprises around 60 people and we call upon more people to join our group for this noble cause for the betterment of our environment.”

Vijay Kini, an additional active member of the neighborhood whose hobby is to clean public locations, mentioned, “Over the years, the quantity of garbage has improved and there is a require for action. Our mere words of maintaining our surroundings clean will not make a distinction till we really implement what we say.

“Hundreds of marine animals are killed every year just because of the plastic we dump in the sea. Around 8.8mn metric tonnes of plastic enter our water bodies,” he mentioned.

Kini advises individuals not to be ashamed to choose up litter. “If you see garbage lying around, it could be a small can or a pet bottle, tetra pack anything, please don’t feel ashamed to pick it up and throw it and if you see someone littering stop them and tell them what is right and direct them to a nearby garbage bin. After all, no one wants to live in a trash can, So let’s stop making our earth one,” he mentioned.

Starting of a movement

The World Cleanup Day thought started in the little northern European nation of Estonia, in 2008 exactly where 50,000 individuals united to clean up the whole nation in just 5 hours. On that day, a international civic movement was born and spread about the globe. This captured the imaginations of individuals worldwide.

Eleven years later, the straightforward thought has grown into a international movement with millions of volunteers and charismatic leaders.

To join our campaign e mail: bitteraboutlitter

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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