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Sun shines on nurseries as summer draws to a close

Sun shines on nurseries as summer draws to a close

Growing plants and flowers in Oman can be a daunting job for these not fairly familiar with the soaring summer temperature. One has to wait for the proper season and choose the proper plants.

“There is a rise in sales from around September to March compared to April and August. We are usually very busy when summer ends as we are trying to nurture seedlings and many other plants,” J Arun, a plant seller in Seeb mentioned.

No matter how significantly work a single puts in, it is not fairly straightforward to preserve the plants and flowers fresh throughout summer. “It is not easy for us to fight nature. Soaring temperatures in the city can easily wilt the best of plants,” Arun mentioned.

He added that these who purchase plants throughout the summers do so at their personal danger. “Firstly, not many customers come to buy plants during the summer months as it is quite painful to see one’s carefully nurtured green foliage wither away.”

Hashim Muhammad, a plant shop attendant in Azaiba, also mentioned that his shop is seeing a lot more clients. Most folks opt for seasonal plants such as petunia.

“Petunia is the cheapest plant variety we grow and is most popular. They come in different colours such as velvet, pink, blue, red and white. Petunia varieties are good enough to make any garden or patch look glamorous and attractive,” Muhammad mentioned.

Fatmah al Naamani, a homemaker and a plant lover, who tries difficult to preserve her garden even throughout the summer, mentioned, “Maintaining a garden honestly is not a joke, especially in Oman. It involves money as you should be ready to spend on plants and be aware of the right temperature and variety.”

A garden wants adore, devotion, care and a fair monetary push, she adds. “I don’t think about money when I see a beautiful plant because I know it is always worth the effort.”

As bona fide plant lovers place it or as confirmed by research, flowers and plants are a anxiety buster.

“When the mind sees something beautiful, it also thinks beautifully. And it is the reason why I spend so much effort and time on gardening. I am happy that one can resume gardening activities as summer will soon be over. I have already started preparing my flower beds,” mentioned Asilah Muhammed, yet another gardening enthusiast in Ansab.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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