Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Summer is here: Healthy habits to avoid diseases

Summer is right here: Healthy habits to avoid diseases

Those functioning outdoors and kids are most vulnerable to heat stroke. Keeping the physique hydrated at all occasions is the very best remedy to avoid it, say all healthcare professionals.

Dr Mohammad Saad, common practitioner at KIMS Oman Hospital advises individuals to maintain the physique cool by following a wholesome diet plan. “Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will help keep the body hydrated. Lack of fluid can cause dehydration.”

Dr Saad also has a word of caution for the elderly. “The elderly should particularly avoid being out in the direct sun so as not to be affected by heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Visit a healthcare provider if you feel any sort of uneasiness. Wear light clothes to keep the body cool.”

Drink lots of fluids mentioned Dr D Ashokan, senior specialist, paediatrics and common practitioner at Hatat Polyclinic. “Avoid exposure to direct sunlight especially during peak hours (11am to 3.30pm). Wear loose and light coloured cotton clothes that cover the whole body.” Caffeinated drinks and alcohol ought to be avoided.

“The diet should include laban (buttermilk). Also, people should avoid severe physical exertion or exercising in the open. Go for early morning walks. For people working outdoors, take frequent breaks by sitting in shaded areas or air-conditioned rooms,” Dr Ashokan mentioned.

According to the Directorate General of Meteorology temperatures are anticipated to hover about 40°C for some time. “In Dhahirah, temperatures are expected to rise to 45°C while the coastal areas including Muscat, temperatures will hover around 40°C.”

He added that in the course of the subsequent couple of days, evening temperatures might also be larger than in the course of day time. “Because of the southwesterly winds, evening temperatures might be higher than the day in Muscat. We advise people to take good care of their safety and health,” the official mentioned.

This year’s climate information for March recorded a drop in typical temperatures of 1.four degrees beneath typical and the typical of maximum temperatures was four.three degrees beneath typical although the typical of the minimum temperatures improved by two.four degrees above typical.

Many workers have requested for the midday break to commence early this year.

“Since the summers in the recent years have been starting much before June, authorities need to consider starting mid-day break much earlier. May would be fine if not April. I call upon those concerned to look into this matter,” Nur Mohammad, a plumber, mentioned.

Midday break in Oman which runs via June, July and August states that workers ought to be offered break from 12.30pm to three.30pm.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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