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Sultanate wins Heritage Tourist Destination Award

Sultanate wins Heritage Tourist Destination Award

H E Ahmed bin Nasser bin Hamad al Mehrzi, Minister of Tourism, received the award in a ceremony held at the occasion. It is becoming observed as recognition of the sultanate as 1 of the most preferred heritage tourist destinations.

With a big quantity of historical and civilisational landmarks, these destinations attract vacationers and guests from across the planet.

The PATWA award is offered annually for greatest heritage tourism destinations of the planet as an appreciation of heritage and its function as a cultural tourism item.

H E Mehrzi lauded Oman’s achievement and stated that this award was also a recognition of the efforts created by the sultanate to market cultural tourism.

This achievement is also a outcome of the efforts created for converting the numerous fortress of the sultanate into tourist spots. These forts have been restored, renovated and ready totally for getting vacationers. Sagar Ahluwalia, secretary basic of PATWA, stated that Oman was 1 of the most crucial nations of the planet with numerous heritage and cultural landmarks. Its heritage websites have been nicely ready to attract vacationers from across the planet.

“The efforts made by the sultanate, through its ministries of Tourism and Heritage and Culture to present its historical and civilisational sites as tourism products have been exemplary. The diversity of natural beauty of Oman and its environment, including sand dunes, deserts, mountains and its serene beaches add value to its heritage tourism,” stated Ahluwalia.  

Oman, with its much more than 500 forts is 1 of the most crucial nations in terms of its historical and cultural wealth. Some of its historical and cultural monuments have also been listed by the Unesco. PATWA is an organisation of travel writers that was founded in 1998, at the Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA) Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It supports travel and tourism market in the Asia Pacific area and functions each with the public and private sectors to help sustainable development.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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