Friday, 31 Mar 2023
State Council introduces smart fingerprint system for employees

State Council introduces smart fingerprint system for employees

Muscat – 

The State Council’s Secretariat General, in coordination with the Information Technology Management of the Operation and Maintenance of Facilities of the Council of Oman, has introduced the smart fingerprint system to establish attendance tracking for the council’s employees by making use of smartphone devices. 

As per a statement, the special system enables the employees to full the fingerprinting procedure making use of their smartphones, which commence functioning automatically as quickly as the employee enters or exits the council creating, making use of the wireless and information network.

The application of this system is to stay away from the defects of the standard fingerprint system in force, which contain human and technical errors.

The new system demands activating of the Bluetooth with a user’s fingerprint device and connecting to the council’s network to approve the validity of place.

Khalid bin Juma al Hashimi, assistant secretary basic for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the council, mentioned that the application of the fingerprint system will systematically record the entry and exit of the council’s employees by means of smartphone devices.

The initiative comes inside the framework of the digital transformations taking location in the council. It confirms the ongoing interest of the secretariat to boost the functioning atmosphere and facilitate enhancement of employees overall performance. Hashimi also underscored the secretariat’s keenness to create the council’s human sources and perform on the evaluation policy.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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