Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
State Council discusses role of Omani drama, theatre

State Council discusses function of Omani drama, theatre

The report was submitted by the Committee of Culture, Information and Tourism in the presence of bureau members.

In this regard, it hosted, Hon Dr Ahmed Ali Mohammed al Mashiki, head of the committee and Hon Salim Ismail bin Suwaid, rapporteur of the committee, to talk about the two proposals submitted by the committee: the function of Omani drama in the neighborhood (theatre model) and the Arabic language complicated.

The initial study aims to delve into the reality of all elements of Omani theatre, determine the issues it faces and propose proper options to overcome them. It also aims to determine the function of governmental and private institutions and bodies, particularly educational, in supporting and supplying the Omani theatre with technical employees specialised in the field of drama and dramatic production and recommend methods to revitalise the theatrical movement and maximise its return.

Following discussions, the bureau decided to forward them to the upcoming typical session. The bureau reviewed the proposal of the Social Committee on the ‘Revision of the Marine Pollution Control Act promulgated by Royal Decree 23/74’.

In this regard, the bureau hosted Hon Dr Hamad bin Sulaiman al Salmi, head of the Social Committee, who explained that the proposal is connected to the substantial developments that have gained momentum more than the final 4 decades in all places of life, such as in the field of safety and environmental security.

This necessitates maintaining up with domestic legislation associated to these developments, and adopt proper legislative measures to include the situations triggered by environmental pollution. One of the most crucial of these is the handle and prevention of pollution of the marine atmosphere.

He noted that the proposal aimed at revising the articles of the Marine Pollution Control Act promulgated by Royal Decree (34/74) in comparison with the articles of the Environmental Protection Act promulgated by Royal Decree (114/2001).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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