Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
State Council bureau discusses vital issues

State Council bureau discusses important concerns

The bureau also discussed the proposal of the Special Committee formed to study the ‘Promotion of mineral wealth’. In this regard, it hosted Hon Sayyid Dr Said Sultan Hamood al Busaidi, committee head, and Hon Dr Ahmed Sulaiman al Maimani, rapporteur of the committee, for discussion of the proposal. It aims to monitor the mining sector in the sultanate, determine the challenges facing it and to discover mining-primarily based industries.

The proposal the Education and Research Committee wished to study ‘How to benefit from the expertise of employees nearing retirement age’, was reviewed. The bureau hosted Hon Abdullah bin Mubarak al Shanfari, head of the Education and Research Committee, for discussing the proposal.

It aims at reviewing the extension of the retirement age of staff, to obtain benefit of their vast experiences in science and instruction in serving the nation in numerous important locations that contribute to the progress and urbanisation of society.

The committee has pointed out a number of dimensions relating to the assessment of the retirement age for these groups, which includes the financial, intellectual safety, legislative, procedural dimensions.

Additionally, the bureau hosted Hon Mohamed Ahmed Ali al Rawas, council member, to go over his proposal on ‘Electronic media’ and decided to refer the proposal to the Culture, Information and Tourism Committee.

The sixth and seventh ordinary sessions of the fourth annual session of the sixth period of the council are scheduled to be held on March five and six.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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