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Standing apart: Turning all things tasty into a business

Standing apart: Turning all things tasty into a business

Hanaa Said al Touqi, a member of the Oman athletics team, shares her baking story and dreams with Muscat Daily. “The passion for home baking was planted in me by my grandmother who greatly supported and encouraged me. She passed away last year.”

Hanaa mentioned she is mainly into baking cakes. “I mostly make cakes, from red velvet to chocolate cakes, cupcakes, waffles to crepes. My products are priced reasonably. I also deliver the stuff home for customers.”

Some meals stuffs are very best had straight out of the oven, mentioned Hanaa and so she has worked out a way for that as well. “For example, items made of crepes need to be eaten fresh. Usually, I inform my customers through my Instagram account (queens_kitchen) where I will be working from. At times, I bake at Marahland and sometimes even at the beaches. I can also be reached at 99539578,” an enthusiastic Hanaa quips.

When asked how she handles so numerous things like athletics, studying and baking at the exact same time, Hanaa explains, “Time management has always been my thing, since I was young. It is not only about college and my home business but I am also an athlete for the national team of Oman. Sport is also a passion, and I am serious about my education as well.”

Hanaa dreams of opening a large cake shop in a busy region in future. She is conscious that it will take time but it is worth the wait, she feels.

Salha Abdullah, an employee at Petroleum Development Oman, is yet another young lady who makes use of her baking abilities to run a business from residence. Her job or her loved ones was by no means a hindrance for her. She just wanted that added push to prove that ‘just the fire in you is enough to ignite your passion’. 

“I figured out sometime back that although I work, I still needed a second push to sustain myself economically. As a mother and a wife, I have different demands to cater to. Waiting for my salary every month is one thing, and earning daily from my home-made croissants and chapati rolls is another,” she mentioned.

Salha feels operating a business from residence is not just a enjoyable way of earning cash but a way to relieve oneself of the each day tension.

“It feels good when you work from the comfort of your own home and earn extra,” Salha mentioned.

“I started this business not so long ago and I am already getting good returns. My customers contact me a day before for any order. I can be reached on 91988297 and I do my best to cater to their requests. I also want my children to grow up knowing that life is about working hard,” she mentioned.

Budding entrepreneurs are productive since their passion knows no boundaries. It just wants a robust thoughts and determination.

“I am a great supporter of home businesses. I am also a great fan of sweets and savouries, especially those made at home. Just one call and your favourite items are delivered at your doorstep. What more do you want?,” mentioned Amour al Naamani, a bank employee in Muscat.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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