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Squid fishing season in sultanate starts

Squid fishing season in sultanate starts

Squid is a organic marine resource that is characterised by its higher nutritional worth and higher costs in the nearby and international markets.

Locally known as ‘Al Ghatro’, squid is a mollusc that can reside in a assortment of atmosphere, bottom, semi-bottom or on the surface of the sea. The squid season will run till the finish of December.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, represented by the Directorates of Fisheries in these governorates, has completed its preparations for the good results of the season.

Salem bin Sultan al Araimi, director of Fish Development Department in the wilayat of Jalaan Bani Bu Ali, stated, “Statistics issued by the Department of Fish Statistics and Information in the ministry stated that sultanate’s production of squid in 2018 stood at 16,154 tonnes as compared to 9,504 tonnes in 2017.

Of these, the Governorate of Al Wusta saw the highest production in 2018 with six,558 tonnes, followed by the Governorate of South Sharqiyah with four,137 tonnes and the Governorate of Dhofar with two,620 tonnes.

The governorates of North and South Batinah saw squid landings of two,140 tonnes, Musandam 381 tonnes and Muscat 317 tonnes.

Araimi stated, “Squid is a valuable national resource that belongs to cephalopod family which lives in a variety of environments.”

In Oman, squids are discovered along the coastal strip of the sultanate, specifically in the Arabian Sea, which extends from the coast of Ras al Hadd to the coasts of the Governorate of Dhofar. It is exported to numerous Gulf, Arab, Asian, European and other nations.

Araimi also stated that the Directorate General of Fisheries is proud to offer a lot more guidance to fishermen on how to preserve this wealth and utilise it in the very best methods to sustain it for future generations.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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