Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Sohar International invites all to attend its road show in Salalah

Sohar International invites all to attend its road show in Salalah

With a robust objective at heart of assisting individuals win by delivering banking for their ever-altering globe, Sohar International will also conduct draws worth more than RO100,000 and announce winners of the Monthly Draws below its Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019, throughout the occasion.

Having an array of thrilling activities tailored for the whole loved ones – the roadshow will consist of entertainment pieces, on-stage performances, games, particular treats, and prizes for the audience. That’s not all – the festivities will be created all the much more thrilling and particular, with the presence of the young Omani Formula four racing sensation and the Bank’s prodigy – Shehab al Habsi.

Welcoming residents and guests to encounter the festivities at this year’s road show, Sohar International’s chief retail banking officer, Khalil al Hedaifi, mentioned, “It is my utmost pleasure to invite every person to attend our road show and Monthly Draws below Sohar Prize Scheme 2019 at the Salalah Gardens Mall.

“Considering that the bank is built on the principles of providing more value, more vision, and more velocity, Sohar I Prize Scheme serves as an ideal opportunity for us to provide opportunity for customers to instil the habit of saving for themselves and their young ones whilst being rewarded at the same time excelling them to do more and reap more. Coinciding with the Salalah Tourism Festival, the event will be a great opportunity for individuals and families alike to enjoy and have some family quality time.”

Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019 has been crafted below the theme of #NowThatsWinning, and these upcoming draws at Salalah will reveal the names of 4 fortunate clients winning a grand total of OR100,000 in the General and Wealth Management categories.

To be eligible in the General and Wealth Management month-to-month draws, clients are needed to preserve a minimum month-to-month typical balance of RO100 and RO40,000 respectively consequently providing these that save much more a greater probabilities of winning. Providing clients with moreover worth, Sohar International conducts other typical draws which includes Weekly Draws of RO4,500, Quarterly Draws providing away RO200,000 in total that are equally split among two clients from the General Segment and two clients from the Wealth Management Segment.

The greatest prize of the year provided by the bank in 2019, nevertheless, are the Year-End grand draws, that will give away a total of RO400,000 that will be distributed equally among 4 clients two from the General Segment and two from the Wealth Management Segment. Additionally, Sohar I Prize Scheme for the year 2019 has also introduced new draws which includes Salary Transfer Monthly Draws for clients who transfer their salaries (of a minimum of RO500) to Sohar International account by the finish of every month.

The fortunate winners of the Salary Transfer Monthly Draws will obtain a total of RO5,000, distributed equally among ten winners every month.

In addition to this, the bank has also introduced two new draws to celebrate particular occasions, namely Omani Women’s Day with RO10,000 equally split among ten winners and the 49th National Day with RO49,000 to be won by 49 clients equally.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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