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Seven research projects to get grants from His Majesty’s Trust Fund

Seven research projects to get grants from His Majesty’s Trust Fund

The chosen projects are: The effectiveness of a proposed programme in sustainable ecotourism in building simple education students’ understanding, behavior and attitudes toward the developmental dimensions of sustainable tourism in the Sultanate of Oman (Prof Abdullah Ambusaidi, Humanities Research Centre)

Developing climate wise techniques for enhancing wheat productivity in the Sultanate of Oman (Dr Muhammad Farooq, College of Agricultural &amp Marine Sciences)

Automatic detection and sample collection of oil spills and red tides in Omani shores making use of heterogeneous-cooperative unmanned car systems (Dr Ahmed al Maashri, College of Engineering) Development of eco-friendly fungicides for the management of soil-borne fungal illnesses of vegetables in Oman (Dr Raid Abdel Jalil, College of Science)

Nano-fibres from date-flesh and date-pits of low grade or un-utilised date fruits: Its preparation, characterisation and functionality (Prof Mohammed Shafiur Rahman (College of Agricultural &amp Marine Sciences) Organic farming for enhancing soil top quality and agricultural sustainability in Oman (Dr Rhonda R Janke, College of Agricultural &amp Marine Sciences)

Nocturnal sleep durations, afternoon siesta and sleep disturbances in young pregnant Omani ladies and connected outcomes (Dr Mohammed al Abri, College of Medicine &amp Health Sciences)

Dr Rahma mentioned that because 2001, 95 huge-scale research projects addressing genuine-planet concerns in sustainable social and financial improvement have been carried out by SQU with the assistance of His Majesty’s Trust Fund.

“In 2018, six projects worth RO450,000 were approved. As many as 119 research projects were also supported by SQU’s internal grants in 2018 with RO455,437. The Deanship of Research Grant supported 23 projects worth RO66,150. Joint grant included four research projects supported by SQU-UAE University Grants for RO53,500, and eight projects funded by SQU-South African Universities Grants for RO57,100.”

She added, “BP Oman Research Fund Program approved RO70,000 for two research projects. Three research projects were approved by the Omantel Research Fund Program with a total value of RO60,000. Five projects received external grant funding worth RO1,143,673. A total of 41 consultancy projects occurred during this period with a total value of RO1,326,368. As many as 11 projects supported by The Research Council’s Faculty-mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program with RO23,400.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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