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Scaling Turkish mountain to mark Renaissance Day

Scaling Turkish mountain to mark Renaissance Day

Mt Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant volcano in the east of Turkey. It comprises two significant volcanic cones: Greater Ararat and Little Ararat. Greater Ararat is the highest peak in Turkey. Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Anqoudi mentioned, “We began our journey on July 8 and reached the top of Mt Ararat on July 12 at 5am.”


Determination was the crucial, mentioned Anqoudi explaining the challenges encountered on his way up. “The climb was not easy as the weather was unpredictable. We walked for five to six hours every day for five days to reach the top. We raised Oman’s flag on the top of the mountain.”


Talking about the preparations needed prior to embarking on such trips, Anqoudi mentioned, “Apart from physical training, a climber has to be prepared mentally for such expeditions. We practised walking for about two months, four to five hours weekly to prepare for this climb. We learnt about the topography of the area from the locals.”


Besides Mt Ararat, Anqoudi has scaled Mt Toubkal in Morocco, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp Trek (five,364m) in Nepal, Mt Apo (two,954m) in Philippines, Mt Fuji (three,776m) in Japan, Postokove Rock (four,700m) and Mt Cheget (three,150m) in Russia, Mt Kinabalu (four,095m) in Malaysia, Mt Bromo (three,229m) and Mt Semeru (three,667m) in Indonesia.

Anqoudi is preparing to scale Mt Aconcagua in Argentina in February 2020.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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