Saturday, 21 May 2022
Sayyid Haitham opens 2040 vision conference

Sayyid Haitham opens 2040 vision conference

The conference is a important platform to talk about the enablers and mechanisms to meet vision realisation, exchange tips and talk about problems concerning sustainable improvement.

The conference is discussing the efforts required for Oman 2040 Vision. Local and international speakers are taking component in the conference.

On the initial day, 3 panel discussions had been held on the Oman 2040 Vision in addition to two dialogue sessions on the roles of society, the youth and the government sector in meeting vision realisation.

Speaking on the occasion, Sayyid Haitham stated, “We are keen to make sure the participation of all segments of society and partners in formulating their priorities and aspirations. Accordingly, the competent committees and activity forces have proceeded with identifying certain themes and pillars for the vision to serve as a framework for the project.

“They began with analysing the existing scenario, then worked on a quantity of future scenarios primarily based on the understanding of social, financial and cultural modifications inside the sultanate and the worldwide trends and drivers of modify.

“Based on the review, the strategic directions were identified in line with preliminary goals that comprised education, scientific research and the empowerment of national capacities. This is based on an advanced healthcare system and an economic management plan that supports economic diversification, develops the job market, and enables the private sector to take the initiative for leading a competitive and integrated national economy.”

Sayyid Haitham added that vision targets contain environmental sustainability, a extensive geographical improvement primarily based on the ideas of decentralisation, and the integration of roles in between the public sector, the private sector and society.

“There is no doubt that these priorities fall within the strategic direction towards building a society that is proud of its national identity and culture, and committed to its true citizenship. Accordingly, the vision document will be a true reflection of our aspirations and the future that we all are looking to. The features of the preliminary vision launched at this conference is your own vision and reflects your own aspirations. We aim to have a better understanding of the integration of roles between all the components of society including the government, the private sector, the civil society, Omanis and expatriates,” Sayyid Haitham stated.

On Monday, the conference will have 4 discussions. The initial is on the function of the private sector in attaining the vision, the second and third on modify management and good reinforcement, as effectively as financial cooperation and integration and its value in attaining the vision. The fourth will be on the very best international practices for attaining the national vision.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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