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Sambuk display a hit among visitors

Sambuk show a hit amongst guests

Traditional Arabian dhows – such as the big, ocean-going boom – are curved at each ends, whilst other varieties – such as the sambuk and ghanjah – have a higher, square stern, apparently inspired by the style of Portuguese galleons.

Ten fishermen of a single family members have accompanied the sambuk to the festival with every member presenting particulars of the ship.

Speaking about it, Khalid Haji, 1 of them, stated, “This ship is the pride and beauty of Sur and also Oman. It is here to showcase to Omanis, expatriates and foreigners the rich maritime heritage of the country. Sur has been known to build some of the best ships ever. The designs are creative and efficient. At the festival, we are trying to get the attention of young Omanis, in particular, who must know our history.”

Craftsmen present miniature and scale models of sambuks and dhows at the show web site on the festival grounds. Artisans are observed creating the models with palm leaves that have been dried more than a period of seven to 15 days. A 20cm models needs two days at the least to be make.

Salim Khan, a ten year old Indian boy going to the sambuk show in Amerat Park, stated, “I came here for these small ships. I love Sindbad and I like to collect such models.” His mother added that the showpieces make excellent decorations.

Mohammad, yet another fisherman stated, “I want to preserve the good old days of Oman when life was simple, not controlled with machines. I make these ships not for sale but to show small boys and girls the grandeur of our culture.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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