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Royal Hospital International Conference to be held in April

Royal Hospital International Conference to be held in April

The conference will have participation from 20 distinct departments of the hospital, it was announced to the media on Monday.

Dr Muhanna bin Suliman al Musalhi, assistant director basic for allied healthcare affairs in The Royal Hospital, and Dr Basim bin Jafar al Bahrani, chairman of the organising committee of the conference, attended the press meet.

“We will have participation of 20 departments, there will be 17 workshops, 101 sessions, 328 lectures and 351 speakers,” mentioned Dr Bahrani, who is also the director of National Oncology Center.

“These 20 departments include the department of medicine, department of general surgery, department of urology, department of child health, obstetrics and gynaecology department, anaesthesia and ICU, radiology, nuclear medicine, emergency department, department of nursing, pharmaceutical care, histopathology, infection prevention and control department, wellness committee, quality management and patient safety department, National Heart Center, National Oncology Center, National Endocrine and Diabetes Center.”

He mentioned the conference will be a very first-of-its-sort organised by The Royal Hospital.

“We will have four unique conferences – Law and Medicine conference, Hyperbaric Medicine conference, Staff and Wellness conference and Quality and Patient Safety conference. We will simulate a real-life case that happens when a situation arises that needs the presence of a doctor and a lawyer and judge. It will be completely in Arabic.”

The conference is anticipated to have more than two,500 attendees with more than 100 international speakers. Dr Manal al Kindi, chairperson of the scientific committee in the hospital, mentioned, “The nuclear medicine division, below the umbrella of the second International Royal Hospital Conference, will be conducting its third international conference which will be more than two days such as a complete-day workshop. The target attendees are physicists, physicians, technologists, radiopharmacists, radiochemists as nicely as radiology residents. Two international speakers with fantastic expertise in their fields have been invited to give talks about nuclear medicine radiotracers, an understanding of SPEC/CT methodology and image processing as nicely as updates on the present status and the future of metastatic prostate cancer imaging with particular interest to PSMA imaging.

“Four local speakers have been invited to talk about new techniques used in measuring radiation doses to both workers and patients, quality control of nuclear medicine instruments and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. On the last day, there will be a workshop which will concentrate on hands-on training of quality control tests that should be performed on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis for SPECT/CT.”

Dr Suad al Ismaili, senior consultant PICU, chairperson employee well being and wellness programme, whose division will participate in the conference mentioned, “We will talk on issues like spiritual, motivational, mental, emotional, and physical health and handling challenges at workplace. We will have talks about embracing stress and beating burnout, bullying at the workplace, the power of motivation, prevention of work-related back pain, among other general topics. We will also have a workshop.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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