Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
ROP mulls creating database of wildlife species to nab poachers

ROP mulls producing database of wildlife species to nab poachers

The Directorate General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations is organizing to produce a database of wildlife species in the nation to nab wildlife offenders. In this, it will be helped by the Directorate of Forensic Laboratory.

Wildlife forensics is a essential branch which offers with the identification of the species from biological remnants. This science has evolved really swiftly and has massive scope in biodiversity conservation.

In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, Brig Rashid bin Salim al Badi, director basic of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, mentioned, “The cases concerning violation of Natural Reserves and Wildlife Conservation Law are followed by the ROP. The Directorate of Forensic Laboratory carries out technical examinations of referred samples and issues technical reports after which perpetrators are referred to competent bodies for legal action. As for keeping the DNA data of wildlife, there is an integrated project which serves this purpose.”

He mentioned that the directorate is expanding its facilities in all governorates to boost the perform mechanisms. “We are working on new laboratories in a number of police commands in the governorates to aid criminal investigation. We are upgrading our technical facilities too at all police commands to make the best use of modern technology. Employees are being provided necessary training to ensure that they play an important role in aiding criminal investigations and nabbing perpetrators.”

He mentioned that the Directorate of Forensic Laboratory has the very best occupational requirements. “We are also qualified to carry out all laboratory examinations in the sultanate. No samples are sent to laboratories outside the sultanate.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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