Friday, 31 Mar 2023
ROP enhances security feature for eVisa system

ROP enhances security feature for eVisa system

The Oman eVisa account of the ROP tweeted, “We are pleased to announce that the eVisa system will use a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) feature to enhance security and to be used by sponsors and public relations officers (PROs) applying for sponsored visas.”
An official with the ROP’s eVisa project mentioned, “Many businesses apply for visas on our website every day. The PKI feature proves the authenticity of the documentation offered by confirming the identity of the particular person who applied for the visa.
“PKI is a digital feature that is utilized to authenticate eServices in Oman. It permits sponsors to log on to the eVisa system and upload info as it offers a higher level of confidentiality by making use of an eID, or mobile ID.”
PKI is a safe way to confirm the identity of the visa sponsor or his agent. It is currently in use in distinct e.Oman government solutions, and is element of the sultanate’s digital technique. “The PKI login will only be required by PROs applying for sponsored visas, he said adding, “This will not be required for tourists applying for unsponsored visas.”
The ROP is also functioning towards introducing the on-line function visa facility in the coming months. “Introducing this PKI feature is one of the steps to streamline online work visa facility. More work needs to be done before finally making this facility available before this year end.”
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Information Source: Muscat Daily

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