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RO500 fine for construction in residential areas on Fridays

RO500 fine for building in residential locations on Fridays

An amendment to the Decision No 23/92 was issued by H E Eng Mohsin bin Mohammed al Shaikh, chairman of Muscat Municipality on March 18. The rule will come into impact 30 days right after the concern date.

A fine to the tune of RO500 will be levied on contractors for breach of the municipality rule. As per the current guidelines of Muscat Municipality, no building perform can be carried out in between sunset and sunrise on any day.

An official with Muscat Municipality mentioned, “This RO500 fine is an addition to the existing rule. We have introduced this fine because there were a lot of complaints about construction work being carried out on Fridays and that too in residential areas. Friday is one day when the whole family is resting at their house. The sound of construction work happening in the vicinity of their dwelling area disturbs the whole family. The peace of being at home on a Friday gets destroyed. Keeping in mind the huge number of complaints we have decided to implement this fine.”

He mentioned that if residents discover some building perform taking place in their surrounding on Fridays, they can report to Muscat Municipality and action will be taken right away against the erring contractor.

A lot of contractors have been carrying out perform on Fridays in order to finish their projects quicker. But in the procedure they do not realise that it causes nuisance to residents dwelling in the location, he mentioned.

Saroj Panthari, a resident of Muttrah location mentioned, “If this is implemented then it is good. Construction work on Friday is a nuisance because of the sounds of construction machines. Spare us one day. You cannot open the window also as the dust from the work enters the house. You are all of a sudden woken up by sounds of the machines.”

Another resident of Seeb mentioned the fine is a huge relief. “I keep driving the whole week for work-related issues in the city. On a Friday too, I had to drive away from my house at six in the morning with my whole family, looking for some place where there will be no sound of machine and my children can rest. I did this for many Fridays some months back and I did not know who to complain. This new fine is a relief,” Zakariya Khambasi mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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