Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
RO235 fine for illegal taxi operations at Muscat airport

RO235 fine for illegal taxi operations at Muscat airport

The authorities are cracking down on illegal transport operators in the city and the Muscat airport. The offenders at the airport are getting fined RO235 and the police has the alternative to impound the automobile also.

MoTC has place up notice boards on approaching routes close to Muscat airport. It states, “RO200 fine for illegal passenger transport by unauthorised taxis.”

Speaking to Muscat Daily, a senior official in MoTC stated, “However, a passenger arriving at the airport is free to be picked by his relatives or friends.”

The official added, “Orange and white taxis and private vehicles are free to drop passengers, but only Mwasalat taxis are allowed to pick up the arriving passengers.”

An ROP official stated there is RO35 fine for any motorist who runs unauthorised taxi service in the city. “We are usually tipped off about these illegal taxi operators and the patrol cars catch them. We urge everyone to abide by the Traffic Laws. We expect people to report about any such violations.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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