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RO180,000 for winners of entrepreneurship award

RO180,000 for winners of entrepreneurship award

It was held below the patronage of H E Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Sarmi, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Higher Education, and board member of Riyada. The RO180,000 award is organised by Riyada and Omantel.

During the occasion, the two categories of the award had been announced. The very first category is the Best Entrepreneur Award. It consists of Best Entrepreneur Award, Best Home Project, Best Small Enterprise Award, Best Small Enterprise Award, and Best Medium Enterprise Award.

The second category is Entrepreneurship help, such as Best Finance Award, Best Corporate Support Award, Government Best Supporting Agency, Best Educational Initiative Award, Best Media Initiative Award, and Best Development Initiative Award. H E Dr Sarmi stated that the Entrepreneurship Award is a partnership among the public and private sectors and there is a contribution and help from different government agencies and Omantel. 

He added that the government agencies help these institutions in all achievable techniques, and Riyada board of directors follows up the projects offered to entrepreneurs operating little and medium enterprises and different government agencies. The fourth edition of the award shows an improve in the money prize for the winners, with a total worth of RO180,000, of which RO87,000 has been allocated as money prizes and RO93,000 allocated to help programmes for the winners, to create their skills and understanding.

Tariq bin Sulaiman al Farsi, chairman of the Award Committee, and Board Member of Riyada, stated, “The award achieved in the previous three editions tangible successes that have contributed to the progress of the SME sector in the sultanate and entrepreneurship in general, enhancing the business environment that is competitive and innovative.”

“The partnership with Riyada in the organisation of the Entrepreneurship Award confirms Omantel’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs in the sultanate,” stated Talal bin Said al Ma’amari, CEO of Omantel.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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