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RO120mn tourism project in Seeb to provide 2,000 jobs

RO120mn tourism project in Seeb to provide 2,000 jobs

The RO120mn project comprises Omani heritage markets or souqs, hotel facilities, a cultural and industrial centre, restaurants, cafés and a harbour region spread more than 97,804m.

The project will be completed in two and a half years at a price of RO120mn, Mohsen bin Mubarak Khawar, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bin Sheikh Holding Company, mentioned on Thursday. “It will provide about 2,000 jobs. It will have traditional Omani souqs, restaurants, cafés and shops which will be leased for 50 years,” he mentioned.

H E Ahmed bin Nasser bin Hamad al Mehrzi, Minister of Tourism, signed the agreement on behalf of the government although the investing business was represented by Khawar. The project is element of the plans to create integrated tourism complexes exactly where the investor will create the region as per the engineering idea agreed upon by MoT.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Khawar mentioned, “The ministry is encouraging investments in the sector by providing all necessary facilities. It helps in setting up hotel facilities to cope with the growth in the tourism sector in the sultanate. The project will be an important addition to the tourism sector comprising traditional and modern elements with focus on civilisational aspects.”

H E Ahmed al Mehrzi also signed ten other usufruct pacts to create hotels, hotel apartments, tourism resorts, restaurant complexes and tourist camps in numerous governorates of the sultanate. All this is element of efforts becoming created by MoT to increase tourism facilities in distinct components of the nation.

An agreement was signed to establish a 3-star hotel and a 3-star tourist resort in Musandam. Another agreement was signed with Nakhal National Company to develop a 3-star hotel and a restaurant complicated in South Batinah although a pact was signed to set up two tourist camps in North Sharqiyah.

H E Mehrzi also signed an agreement to set up a 3-star tourist resort and a tourist restaurant in Dakhliyah governorate. Two agreements had been signed for establishing a two-star hotel and hotel apartments in Dhofar.

In North Batinah, a 3 star hotel will come up as element of an agreement. Another agreement was signed to develop a tourism resort in Muscat governorate.

Mohammed bin Hammoud al Zadjali, Director General of Investor Services and Quality Management in MoT, mentioned that the usufruct agreements are element of the efforts to encourage investments in the tourism sector.

“This is expected to increase tourism facilities and services to cope up with the requirements of the economic developments and diversify sources of national income as aspired by the government. It would add value to the tourism sector of the country if requirements for hotel rooms and tourist facilities are met.”

Zadjali mentioned that these projects will serve the neighborhood communities by producing employment possibilities.

He mentioned that the tourism investment projects are in line with the development accomplished by the sector which demands elevated hotel establishments of distinct classifications.

“These agreements which were signed by the ministry strengthen the efforts made by the government to empower the tourism sector as one of the five major sectors adopted in the national programme to promote economic diversification.”

Zadjali added that private investment in the tourism sector was moving forward. “Investments are being made in projects such as tourist facilities, hotels or integrated tourist complexes.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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