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Riyada’s SMEs forum to support young entrepreneurs

Riyada’s SMEs forum to support young entrepreneurs

Speaking to the media, Dr Ahmed Mohsin al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada, stated that the authority’s endeavour is to offer the suitable atmosphere to tiny and medium enterprises (SMEs) via technical instruction and advisory solutions.

He stated that the forum will be held as a outcome of cooperation and partnership in between Riyada and the supportive entities for the entrepreneurial sector.

“These institutions will be the new location for offering permanent job possibilities to the national workforce, graduates of colleges and universities, who will advantage from the initiatives and expertise improvement programmes implemented by Riyada and other government and private institutions.

Dr Ghassani stated that the forum will market the culture of entrepreneurship amongst young individuals and introduce them to investment possibilities obtainable and aid them handle projects. “Through this way, everyone will be united in their efforts to support SMEs.”

In this regard, Dr Ghassani stated that the total investment possibilities obtainable to SMEs are much more than 700 in addition to the usufruct of lands, and the conversion of student projects into industrial projects, reaching 1,000 investment possibilities.

As per the quantity of investment possibilities obtainable to entities in numerous sectors, the solutions sector will represent the most, followed by the tourism sector, then the fisheries and agricultural sector.

Mining, atmosphere, waste management, info technologies, and power will present much more investment possibilities for the national workforce.

The press meet also reviewed the positive aspects of the Start of Your Business forum, the most essential of which are the privileges supplied to entrepreneurs, such as the lands allocated for the correct of usufruct and the laws that support them, in addition to a quantity of financing possibilities obtainable to institutions and SMEs.

The Start of Your Business forum will coincide with an exhibition.

The occasion hosted by Riyada in collaboration with Oman Business Foundation and the National Training Institute to showcase the talents and projects of Oman, will introduce guests to the most recent projects and technological innovations and craftsmanship and encourage the thought of industrialisation in the neighborhood.

The exhibition will be attended by more than 80 participants from various sectors.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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