Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Residents install water coolers outside their houses to help those grappling with heat

Residents install water coolers outside their houses to help those grappling with heat

“I have installed a water cooler outside my home so that passers-by can quench their thirst. The initiative makes me feel good that I can extend a helping hand to those people who toil hard in summers. With this I hope to achieve the great rewards from God,” mentioned Shamsa Hamad, a widow in Amerat.

Outdoor water coolers can be a solace to several such as building workers, kids playing outside, walkers, animals like cats, and birds. “Every evening I see children playing football in the heat. The happiness on their face when they drink the cold water from the cooler gives me a certain sense of satisfaction. I have also created a small pool-like area for birds and cats as they are the worst-affected in this heat. Every evening, I refill the pool,” mentioned Mohammed al Shuaili, a resident of Seeb.

Anis Mohammad, a Bangladeshi worker in Muscat, mentioned, “I am a construction worker. I consume a lot of water when working. I need at least ten bottles of water and it is a burden on my pocket. Outdoor water coolers are a great relief as I can drink as much water as I need without thinking of the extra expense. I don’t just drink water but also sometime pour some cold water on my head. It is quite a relief. I am thankful to these people who think about people like us.”

A water cooler expenses a minimum of RO110, with installation, electrical energy and water charges added, but the happiness that 1 gets in return is unmatched.

“I got an outdoor cooler fixed at a friend’s place recently. I collected the money required from some friends who were interested in the initiative. It is the highest form of charity in the eyes of Allah,” mentioned Fatmah al Naamani, a homemaker. Water coolers are a feasible alternative as they are secure. Once installed, all you want to do is modify the filters (costing not a lot more than RO5) in a couple of months.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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