Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Region’s first hologram arcade to open in Muscat this month

Region’s very first hologram arcade to open in Muscat this month

Al Tamman Group’s Grand Entertainment has partnered with Australian immersive entertainment technologies specialist Euclideon Entertainment to provide the common public in Oman an chance to expertise holographic effects.

Slated to open mid-February, the new providing billed as ‘retailtainment’, is situated on the very first floor of Oman Avenues Mall. The arcade has six gaming tables, with two players becoming in a position to play at a time on every.
“Hologram technology is closer to augmented reality and is a life-like 3D projection of an artificial environment, presented in the real world around you. Holoverse offers a new take on virtual reality entertainment through the Euclideon Hologram Arcade Table, which is a gaming table with a twist where two players can play simultaneously, leading to a significantly more social experience,” stated a senior spokesperson for Grand Entertainment.

According to the spokesperson, the business is providing what has therefore far only been noticed in science fiction films. “Holoverse adds an exciting dimension to Oman’s tourist and visitor experience, boosting the nation’s entertainment quotation. People visiting the facility will be able to experience hologram technology for the very first time in Oman. The sultanate will benefit greatly from having this brand new, cutting-edge technology arcade,” he stated.
Bruce Dell, CEO of Euclideon Entertainment, stated, “Euclideon and Al Tamman Group have been working hard over the past few months to make the Holoverse arcade in Oman a reality. Once open, guests will be able to choose from different interactive games, with many more being made available over the coming months. Holoverse will also have a party room.”

Euclideon Hologram Arcade Tables have functions to develop distinctive and engaging gameplay experiences with an emphasis on replay-capability. The tables boast a vast catalogue of locally created games which are anticipated to delight players and foster friendly competitors.

Grand Entertainment will also bring other activity-primarily based entertainment and loved ones-oriented entertainment alternatives to Oman in the close to future.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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