Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Ras al Hadd fort closed for renovation works

Ras al Hadd fort closed for renovation works

This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Located in the wilayat of Sur, the fort in the niyabat of Ras al Hadd is 1 of the several picturesque historical monuments dotting the nation. It is 16m lengthy and 13m wide and contains two towers and some openings for defence and surveillance objective.

The castle also has a quantity of facilities such as the ammunition shop and a effectively. The magnificent fort which took about 30 years to construct was constructed among 1560 and 1590 with the efforts of all tribes of the niyabat. The two towers of the fort are connected by a huge wall. The base is about 3m in width.

Towards the east of the Ras al Hadd fort, there is an open space with huge seat. The space is 3m wide, six.5m in length and three.5m in height.

The 3m wide and four.25m higher space was employed as a waiting hall, in addition to becoming employed as sabla (majlis) to settle disputes.

The grand fort also contains a space that was employed as a short-term prison (3m wide, five.25m length and three.5m higher) and a castle (13.25m height, 13m wide and 16m length) that was employed as a final line of defence.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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