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Rain enhancement project boosts precipitation by 18%, says MRMWR

Rain enhancement project boosts precipitation by 18%, says MRMWR

Oman has been functioning on the project because 2013. The technologies is regarded as to be 1 of very best options to improve water sources and minimize water deficit in the nation, Eng Nasser Mohammed Nasser al Battashi, director common of Water Resources Assessment in MRMWR stated.

“The results of the evaluation of the project according to the rainfall data recorded in the project’s rainfall measurement stations and distributed on the eastern and western mountains range indicate that an estimated average rate of rain enhancement of around 18 per cent is recorded during the period of operation,” Eng Battashi stated.

He added, “This technologies makes use of giant ionisers to produce fields of negatively charged ions which are pushed to the greater atmosphere by wind. When charged particles react with the clouds, it final results in enhanced rainfall. In reality, the project aims at enhancing rainfall in Oman by stimulating the clouds generated in the course of the summer season season on the Eastern and Western Hajar and Dhofar mountain ranges via fixed earth stations like in the seeding procedure utilizing silver iodide.

“This facilitates creation of raindrops rather than providing seed nucleus, taking into account the direction and the strength of wind.”

He added that this project comprises 12 ground stations distributed across the Eastern and Western Hajar mountain ranges, with much more than 600 rainfall stations, database and servers of the project and accompanying software program. The ionisation towers are switched on or off based on cloud formation. “The project team periodically evaluates and analyses the results to determine future plans,” Eng Battashi added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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